Carrier path with arrows

Sometimes we can make a mistake with the carriers, when configuring the loops, and put the “Collect All” and the “Drop All” inverted. That is dangerous when your enemy is near, like a latent menace.

I’d like to have a visual hint about the “ships flow” in the paths, so the segment of the paths in the map ends with an arrow if there is a “Drop All”/“Drop [whatever]” in that star. It should be visible only for the owner.

For example, this is what we have today:

This is what I propose (I coloured the arrows with red so you can understand more easily, but they should be on the same colour than the path segment):

In that example, there are three paths of carriers who drop on “Star A”, and there is a carrier which takes from “Star A” and drops in “Star B”.

but…but…I can win when someone else makes this mistake :blush:

This is not such a crazy idea. I have made this mistake in the past!

I’d like it if when you clicked on a carrier the stars that the carrier will visit changed from star icons (just a circle) into little icons of what that carrier will do at that star. Unfortunately that would get messy if a carrier does two different things on the same star in the same route.

It sounds like lots of work for a very marginal gain anyway. You’re better off working on Proteus and the AI until they’re done. You can put this off until next year… er… or the year after.

Ahh, I se you are familiar with how fast I get things done. :wink: