Carrier recycling


Hey there,

I’ve been playing Triton for 2 months now and it is a great game, I never miss to check in a couple of times a day (friends hate me for that).

Anyway, in one of my recent games where I was pressured by all of my neighbours I found myself with no money and lots of carriers that managed to survive the enemy attacks. Since I need all of my forces concentrated into one carrier and money for industry and upgrades, there are a couple of carriers I do not need at the moment.

Therefore I thought that it would be a good idea to be able to sell your carriers at any star controlled by you for, say, $10. If any ships are on on the carrier, then they would be transferred to the star (excet that 1 ship that represents the carrier) and the carrier would be destroyed on the next tick, adding $10 to the player’s balance.

I really hope to see this or something of its kind integrated in the game.


I think that’s kind of a cool idea, too.

however, I think you often get more benefit from using spare carriers to perform loops from ship producing stars in the rear to your frontlines :smiley: