Carrier Ship Number Questions

My carriers are losing ships during travel. When this one carrier (center image) left Git it had 78 ships. Now, a few star jumps later, and it has 40. I set to carrier to “Do Nothing” when it reaches a new star, for each star in its path. It is still traveling through my space. No battles/events before or for another 6.5 hours (when it arrives at the enemy). I looked at the friendly planets it passed through; The ships were not left there. No battle in the entire game yet. This attack will be the first one.

Here is a screen shot:

This is my first game so I am sure I can just misunderstanding something. But what?


The battle report appeared after the Production cycle was over.

As per the discussion on Discord and additional intel there, it looks like a battle took place on Foe.

The question would thus become one about the missing battle report - maybe someone has ideas why this could be.

game # 5159149766443008
game name = Tau Sadalbari

Appears to be a standard game real time 8 players. EDIT But more likely a New Player game ?

Red circle is nickwebha.
Pink circle is Eron Momsk.

Shortcut key “G” shows the Intel charts.
Looking at Intel data from tick 84 through tick 90 :

There appears to have been a battle between Red vs Pink, while none of the other empires show any obvious battles. ( I could be wrong about this. )

Red had 12 IND & manufacturing 1 & weapons 1
Red had +3 ships per tick = (12 IND) * ( 5 + Manu 1 ) / (24 ticks per cycle)

Pink had 5 IND & manu 1 & weapons 2
Pink had +1.25 ships per tick = (5 IND) * ( 5 + Manu 1 ) / (24 ticks per cycle)

Red, tick 84 had 272 ships, tick 90 had 256 ships
Red between tick 84 until tick 90, lost 34 ships = 272 + (3 ships per tick) * (6 ticks) - 256 ships

Pink, tick 84 had 165 ships, tick 90 had 162 ships
Pink between tick 84 until tick 90, lost 10.00 ships = 165 + (1.25 ships per tick) * (6 ticks) - 162 ships

Pink lost 1 carrier = 5 - 4 carriers

Red gained 1 star = 32 - 31 stars
Pink lost 1 star = 9 - 8 stars

The lost ships are closely consistent with a battle at Foe.
Most likely Pink defended with 9 ships + 1 carrier, while Red lost 30 ships in that battle.

There can be other possibilities.

Hit shortcut key “I”, and click the “Events” tab, and look for any battle reports between tick 84 & tick 90.

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Nicely analysed! The battle report showed up after the production cycle concluded. Something apparently caused a delay in its delivery.


So Red ought to have lost another 4 ships somewhere else, or these could have been incompletely manufactured at various stars.