Carriers in combat and shared technology

Three questions:

“A carrier that has all its ships destroyed will also be destroyed.” is no more in Combat. So what happens to carriers that are at star where you have just lost a battle? I guess they are still destroyed because carrier itself seems to also count as one of those combat ships, that’s why it apparently has one ship loaded every time.

Beside that, when I have some technology partially researched and somebody shares higher level of it to me, do I basically lose all points I invested into the new level or do I just gain (current level * price of one level) points, so those research points I had there are transferred and used as a start of yet another level?

Say, I have lev1 with 50/144 done of lev2 and somebody sends me lev2 of that technology. Do I then have just lev2 with 0/288 done of lev3 or do I keep those points and have lev2 with 50/288 done of lev3?

Also I guess, one can’t send me some higher level of tech so I would “jump a level”. Say when I have lev1 I can obtain only lev2 and not like lev4 directly. For that that other player would have to send me lev2, then lev3, then lev4. Does it work this “step by step” way?

  1. Yes, the carriers are destroyed. If you know you will lose a battle, it is often good practice to empty the carrier and send it away, to avoid the cost of replacement.

  2. When another player sends you a tech level, you lose whatever points you invested in it. This is different than getting exp credits for a certain tech at production, which just adds to whatever you had invested.

  3. Yes, tech trades work step by step as you describe.

Hope this helps.