Challenge to 1v1

Hi, I am currently undefeated. I have played and won 10 games (not skirmish training). Most of those games were 6 player games.
I challenge anyone to a 1v1 game.
The catch: You have to make the game and send me the link (and password).

I haven’t tested Dragon’s Nest MP yet, so here you go: BBB!

You’ve already beaten me twice though :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Hmm, I’m guessing you know my game name because you are one of the game makers and can see my email.


Is there any way to block a player from joining a game I’ve made?
Or perhaps a way to make the game restricted, so that other players would have to request to join?
Or perhaps a way to only allow players with a certain win percentage to join?

Any/all of those features would be cool.

If you put a password on the game, then only people who have the password can join. It won’t show up in the public games either.

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Thanks, but I would like the game to show up as public. Perhaps with a button that says request password? I don’t know anyone in real life who plays this game, even though I recommended it to my friends.

Let me know if there is an anoying playing who is trolling you buy joining you games.

You could put “please contact me on the forum for the password” or something like that.

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Thanks! I appreciate that. The player is not trolling or intending to bother me at all. I just don’t feel enough challenge against the player (who has joined 2 1v1 games against me).