Changes checked in today?


Jay, I’m seeing some differences with my usual view (I think it’s 250), mostly the color rings around stars being bigger at that level. I’ve also noticed when setting a new waypoint, the ship used to point in that direction after setting the waypoint. Now it’s not.

Just making sure they were due to any changes and not bugs.


Wow that was quick. I only just checked it in.

I have redone the render to be much faster. I wasn’t quite ready to send it out to everybody but I needed to update to fix the trade bug.

I will fix those things just after I have my toast sandwich for lunch.



What can I say, I’m an addict? I updated my original post because it was at 250, not 350. It looks a little jumbled with the larger rings. It was a little shocking to me because I’ve seen the same thing for so long!


OK, I’ve fixed the scale thing. I made the scale gradual rather than popping from level to level like they did before. I’ve also allowed the stars and rings to get a little smaller than they did before when you zoom out to the max level.

I didn’t fix the feet direction thing because I only ever draw one ship at a star now. I’m not sure its a big deal but if I get a few complaints I can improve it.


Looks like you also made made the star outlines “smaller” - like the tighter look of the galactic map.

I personally liked the pointing ship … don’t know what the rendering cost to do that was, but if not much, my vote would be to put that back in - it’s a helpful visual clue that you have issued carrier orders.


HEY … check your code because I think if a looping carrier and the carrier is actually at a star, you don’t see the dashed line.


OK, Thanks for the heads up.


There is a definite speed improvement on the map with mobile devices.

One negative is that this returns the problem where you can’t tell if there is one or 80 carriers on a star without clicking on the star. I suppose the trade off is worth it but the change is significant.


What if there was a number in the center of the carrier denoting how many carriers there are?


I vote to put back in the “ship directional”. It’s throwing me off on my games. I usually always use the Galaxy screen to make sure my carriers arent sitting around but being able to glance and know theyre set to move in the right direction helps. I do like the scaling though!


I’ll echo HULK and sekoms about carrier direction.

I wanted to mention another change which may not have been intentional. When changing star names, it now seems to take a manual refresh for the new name to appear. Not a terrible problem, but it seems like most players would feel it worth an automatic re-rendering of the map when they have entered a new name.


I 4th this!


Ditto on the please restore the ship direction, it is taking more work determining which carriers have stopped and which are just passing through.


Ya, no ship direction on a system is rough. now its hard to tell which ships are sitting stationary or cued to move to a new system. esp when there are multiple ships at a system.


Perhaps show one ship per-direction that ships are travelling? So if there are 10 ships at the star and none are moving, they all show pointing up as normal. If three decide to travel east, then one ship shows pointing up and one ship shows pointing east.


SHip direction should be fixed after a reload. Sorry for breaking it for a day or so. Please let me see if you see anything else busted.


I really liked when looping carriers were smaller even when orbiting a star.