Changes to Little Wizard?


My group are kicking some Nightmare ass on Volcanic Dust and recently noticed that the Little Wizard power has changed drastically. It used to be “Strength 50 x cards in hand”, but is now “Strength 50 x heroes within N leagues” where we’ve seen values of zero and three for N. Can anyone clarify how this is meant to work?


It is supposed to be the three leagues. I think there may have been some issue when the change was being implemented that causes the range to be wrong initially and that may have carried through to cards drawn in games during that window.

The thought was that Little Wizard was overpowered and subject to abuse where you could use your valor to draw more cards into your hands, have a powerful ranged attack that generated additional value, draw more cards, and repeat. Also, there was a bit of a pay to win aspect where you could use hero coins to draw more cards into your hand accelerating this even further. There was a bunch of discussion on the forum about the issue and different potential solutions.

Hope this helps!


Also the little wizards already in play/in your hand will have the original ability, only wizards drawn and played after the change will be subject to the new ability


There are two cases, as you’ve noticed, depending on when the card was drawn.

  • N=0 means the card was drawn (or Volunteered) before the change. It still has the old ability based on the number of cards in your hands, despite the new text.
  • N=3 is the correct new ability, which works as it says on the card.


Sorry about this confusion. I have been thinking about how to fix this in future. We need a better method for updating cards thats for sure.