Changing the front page games from Nightmare to Hard

Can I suggest this?

The jump from Normal to Nightmare is too much for most players, and they might get discouraged.

Especially with the recent valour and card placement changes, I think Nightmare is a huge challenge even for the best players. I have mostly stopped playing Nightmare - it was no fun!

If the set games were Hard, I would play more - may be others like me out there!


I think thats a great idea. There was a task in our todo list to do it but I changed my mind, but the few hard games I have played recently have changed my mind back!

I will do it early next week!

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This has been changed now. When the current games roll over, the new ones will be Hard difficulty.

Just cleared a lingering Nightmare game off the front page but it was replaced by another Nightmare game. Not that I mind public Nightmare mode in general, but just thought you guys should be aware.

Thanks, I cleared it and now there’s a hard game. The Nightmare game had already been created to display to people who joined the other nightmare game.