Chipper questions


Do chippers chip before or after damage? As in, does the armor still work in this combat?

Also, do they chip if attacked, or only if they are doing the attack themselves? Same question for slavers and grapplers.


Hi @sohungry! All the “on attack” abilities are post-attack and they only happen when that ship attacks.

We need to do a bit of cleaning up of how all these abilities play out and interact now that there’s a few of them. All ships should get a chance to attack and do their abilities, as though they were all happening simultaneously. At the moment, there are some issues with ships being Dredged before they’ve had their attacks sometimes.


I’ve also ran into problems where my city blows up my opponent’s ship before my ship has had a chance to damage it, so I’m unable to get an attack in that would let me use my Dredger or Slaver.