You know just curious, I played in the original Pride quite a long time ago, and loved it. I fell out though due to reasons I don’t remember, but now that I’ve dug it up again and found it more alive than ever, I was wondering if there are any sort of official clans or teams? I would sincerely like to find a good group of people that I could consistently practice with, and just having that social community.

Arth started guilds at one point (see here: Guilds! Guilds! Guilds!) but it’s been quiet on that front for a while.

In terms of a social community and good people to play with, you’re already here! People will post games from time to time, so stick around =)

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I would love to find such a community myself. Perhaps players should get control of things and create guilds/clans themselves.

I’ve seen some indication of clan’sih activity here before. Trade Federation, although a failed experiment, gave it a go. :open_mouth: