Clarification: Elder Shaman?

Does the Elder Shaman’s Flaming Sacrifice only work into mortal towns or does it include barrows and nests?

If the latter, he’d be useful as fail-safe protection for said locations being overrun by Immortals.


He should if he doesn’t. I will check when I do some bugs later today.

A few days ago I fixed the Mad Pirate so that he can only kill people that normally produce gold to get his gold. People were using his power to clear out monsters.

I haven’t tried him in that capacity yet, so not reporting a bug.

Aw, that wasn’t intended? That was one of his best qualities. Not usually too overpowered either, since you still have to spend the same mana and looooong cooldown, but usually don’t get much gold for it.

That change definitely makes the Elder Shaman a more important pick, though.

It did feel a tad cheesy though, since one hero could neutralize such a major threat so easily :slight_smile: