Clinically insane player against 31 AIs

A friend of mine created this challenge for me on the 25th of last June. I have played since then, doing some tests.

The game was set to 32 players, 746 stars. 493 stars are required to complete. Dark Galaxy to become more mysterious and even more challenging. 24h per turn to have production everytime. I love production!

That’s is the current comparison against my nemesis in this game:

The main goal was to have a few turns to play while I wait my friends finish another game. The secondary objectives that I have been invented during the match were:

  • See if I can beat 31 AIs, whereas the exchange of technology between them would turn impossible an isolated player to win.
  • A better understand of the AI, especially their growth and the exchange of technologies.

Soon I was no longer able to exchange technologies with AIs. All of their technologies were superior to mine. I think it was less than 10 cycles. In some situations I could overcome for a brief moment, but I only had back technologies that did not interest me much at the moment and in a low level.

After almost exterminate the first AI, which took quite a while, I wanted to know the dimensions of the galaxy. So I walked in one direction until I reached the possible end according to my scanners, I found the possible center and through it I crossed two lines that gave me the dimensions in other directions. I took on the mission to be a cartographer of the galaxy.

At the end of this process I could already produce more ships than a single AI, but I still lost heavily in technology.

I left for another purpose, I wanna barb wire the AIs. I could’nt let they flee! I’m a galaxy cowboy, friends!

I have tried to be an artist too, I think the current galaxy is beautiful!

I developed some ways to save my time planning attacks that always return to a starting point to get more ships and regain stars which happen to have been lost to the AI after being conquered.

I could gain several tech levels per hour. Hundreds sometimes per turn. One experimentation bonus could give me more than one level of tech.

Loading the game after each round was pretty time consuming. Good, I could get some minutes of work or even life now! I imagine that the amount of data sent to the client was huge, especially the number of ships per star or carrier. Fortunately, the game was still very stable.


Some numbers

  • Cycles: 761

My empire

  • Total Stars: 492
  • Total Economy: 5,893,545
  • Total Industry: 10,148,784
  • Total Science: 5,964,468
  • Highest level technology: 9,585
  • Lowest level technology: 529
  • Star with more ships: 3,994,696,586,251

Second AI enemy

  • Total Stars: 21
  • Total Economy: 13,059
  • Industry Total: 12,473
  • Total Science: 10,710
  • Highest level technology: 1,277
  • Lowest level technology: 700

Limits found

  • You can purchase a maximum of 5,000 points of economy, industry or science in Bulk Infrastructure Upgrade per use, but you could do that several times per turn.
  • You are unable to create routes with more than 19 waypoints.
  • You can not buy Warp Gates after they reached a cost less than $1.

The game is still rolling. Anyone want to do a test, or that I capture any screen?



Insane much?


That is insane! Now I feel like trying a game like that. I don’t think I will do a production every turn though. I would definitely tone down the production the next game so you can get a more accurate idea of how things would play out in a real game. You need more time to make moves.

I haven’t played a game since I got defeated in my last 64 player game over a week ago. I have been taking a break. I feel like taking on the challenge of defeating all the AI’s in a galaxy with just 1 production every 24 hours instead. A 31 AI player game would be interesting.

Also what were the starting stats? Did everyone start with normal technology or was it cheap? Any special rules that could’ve made a difference in how things ended up at the end? Maybe expensive warp gates or expensive tech would make a difference in how things ended up in the end.

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I think you could like it, @jason3609.

The starting stats where the basic Dark Galaxy kind. Only Scanning 3 and all with normal costs.

I’m prepared to let this game go. It will be hard anyway, but I need to do that :wink:

How do you start a game with only one player and 31 AIs?
Damn, your insanity seems to be contagious…

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You create a private game for 32 players, enter it and force start. Immediately all vacant slots are taken by Automatons.


I started an AI game with some different settings. It is dark galaxy with everything set to crazy expensive and low starting money. Warp gates is also expensive with sparse resources. Trading is also very expensive. Also it is a slower 48 hour game so I can take my time on it. I wanted to take my time in a game instead of have a big rush to win. I went a little crazy and just bought 10 ships at the start. I only see 8 other stars so I built a little too much. Expansion is the most important at the start though. No money left over for infrastructure now.

For an AI game you just start the game by using force start. I believe you also need to set a password for the game. You can also pause the game if you need or advance the time by either 1 or 6 ticks.

This game should take several months to complete but I think it would be interesting.


I’ve been trying to launch the final attack. Something like 30 carriers will attack at the same time. The game is not responding after submit anymore.

Could be a safeguard to the servers?

I tried at least 20 times.

Error contacting server.
Please hit reload or try again later.

Good, you finally managed to brake the servers… :angry:


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I’ve stopped all but one carrier and it worked. The game is over.

It’s not a common situation (till now, I guess), so I think Jay shouldn’t worry. Crazy how the game have suffered so much and only now showed some signs of all this suffering :wink:

Thanks, Jay and all the others NP2 nuts out there!