Colossus Test 2

Hello Everybody, Penny and I are looking for players to help up try Colossus again.

First up I want to say thanks very much to @AutoBahnBismark @Victreebel and @Qwerty for helping us with the first test that kind of died under a mountain of bugs.

The game has taken a sharp U-turn and you now command fleets of Goblin Pirate ships!

Colossus is a strange combination of Neptune’s Pride and Settlers of Catan. You build settlements to gather resources, then spend those resources building ships which you use to sail out to capture enemies settlements. But just like Neptune’s Pride, you’ll need allies to do well, but what could be less trustworthy than a Goblin Pirate!

The game is still full of placeholder art and is missing a lot of feedback, but should be most playable. (We have even had some fun in our tests here)

We are not ready to post the URL of the game publicly, but if you would like to join us in a game, please email me and I will start some small 6 player games and email you the url.

The game is turn-based, not slow real-time, and the turn deadline is set to 24 hours, but please play your turns as soon as possible so the games can progress fast. We hope when the game is done friends will be able to sit together and play a whole game in a single sitting.

I’m interested in helping test this. Where do we sign up?

If you email me we’ll have enough for the first 6 player game!

When we get enough names for another 6 players we’ll start another one!

Is the single player skirmish exactly like the multiplayer game? If so, I have a couple of improvement ideas regarding ships:

When multiple ships are stacked up, it is hard to differentiate between then in terms of which ship has already been given movement orders and which still needs orders. I think incorporating a number for how many hexes the ship is lined up to move next to the ship stats would be helpful. Or even keeping the line of movement in sight when exiting out of the ship menu. Although I could see this making the board quite crowed if there are multiple ships in an area.

Also, when buying crew upgrades, I can not remember which ships have which upgrade without having to open up the ship menu and scrolling down. Say I buy a bosser upgrade, it would be efficient to just click on the ship and have the crew upgrade right there. Maybe there isn’t enough space for all this info but I think being able to quickly see where ships are going and what upgrades they have will streamline the game play. Maybe different colors for different upgrades could help too–that would be a lot of colors to memorize though.

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Hi @Ovyx. Thanks for joining the test and for your feedback.

Yes, the Skirmish mode is the same as the MP mode (but on a different map).

Yes, I think we need to show on the ship list which ships have already been given orders. The movement lines for all the ships should still be visible when you close the ship list.

I’m not sure if we’ll be able to show all the crew on the ship list (although it might be nice to see them if we can fit it), but I think we’ll at least have a number to show the total number of crew onboard each ship.

We still have a lot of work to do on the interfaces to make them clear and easy to use.

Keep the feedback coming!

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Yes, it would seem to get cluttered if all the crew were shown. How about something that you can hover your mouse over and all the crew pops up? This would make it easy and quick without the mess

As for combat, I like the aspect of upgrading ships and towns and the three stats–health, weapons, and armor–work well together. I do find that it is really easy to beef up ships and towns and overwhelm the opponent, especially when there are extra resources to spend. Is it possible to scale up upgrade costs or add experience to ships as they win battles or capture towns? As more stats are bought for a ship, it gets more expensive but the experience points can be like some sort of multiplier for those stats. It would force the player to gain experience through attacking instead of the player just playing the defensive game and holding up in their stronghold, building up a strong fleet. You would gain more experience by initiating the attack then by defending against it.

I’m having an issue with being able to see all the resources. I took screenshots of both angles.

Also, the game frequently 'coz Jo’s and nothing responds, so I have to close down and open it again.

IOS is horribly shonky with this. Im assuming its not optimised yet?

@Rosslessness No sorry, not optimized yet. What kind of ios device are you on?

@saradav Do you mean the green areas? They are unexplored parts of the map. We might need to make that clearer.

iphone 5s. Market buttons aren’t on screen in either orientation. Petty I know.

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yes sorry, I will see if we can get a quick fix in for you today.

We did plan to have them all accross them top, but then we added the 6 new resources as a quick hack.

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That’s what I meant. Cool :slight_smile:

I’m interested in trying out the game!

One thing I’ve noticed is that when you order a ship to move more than one space, sometimes it will try to route a really stupid way from point A to point B

Hey Everybody, a new version of the game is ready to test!