Colossus Test 3

Hello Everybody, we finally have a new version of Colossus online ready to test.

The game is now officially called Buccaneers, Bounty, & Boom!

BBB is a turn based game where players race to become the Pirate King. Each turn, up to three points are awarded to the leaders. One point for player with the most Buccaneers, one point for the player who harvested the most resources, and one to the player with the most cannons. The player with the most points after 30 turns is declared winner!

But of course it’s a game of diplomacy so players are encouraged to work together to tear down the leaders and form alliances for as long as they are profitable.

Penny and I would really apreciate your help testing the game!

Although the game is progressing, there may still be strange bugs, weird interfaces, and of course there is no tutorial, you have to just kind of “work it out”

The in-game help does have a first draft, so you should be able to read them and understand everything. They are just one page, the rules for this game are much simpler that the others. This game is very much and online board game.

Anybody can now visit and create a new account for the game.

I have created and joined a test game here

password is “pass”
Hope to see you in game.

Look forward to reading your feedback!

May I ask for the password, sir?

Password is “pass”

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Excellent! See you in game.

Just joined the test game as The Dread. Will be fun testing it out!

Great, and the game started! Good luck, feel free to ask questions!

I noticed that when playing on mobile i scrolls slow through the menus. Almost as if it bounces, if you know what I mean.

What kind of phone and browser are you on?

I’m using Chrome on Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo.

Thanks. I new scrolling would not be as smooth this game becuase we scroll a frame inside the window rather that the whole screen. How bad is it? On my nexus and iphone its not too bad.

It’s usable but a little iritating. :wink:

Another thing, is the gold resource used just in trade?

I’ve also noticed the scrolling issue on my Pixel XL. Not to much of an issue although it can be difficult to read/select the bottom section of the screen you are on.

Loving the graphics!

Noticed i’m hiring Goblins as my crew…is this a Blight of the Immortals spin-off? :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you remember to hit submit turn. Its a bit hidden at the bottom of the page.

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Yes I did, Jay!
Thing is sometimes when I click submit, it seems to forget I have pressed the button.

If you’re the last person to play the turn, then you can take 2 turns in a row, as the game will progress to the next turn after you press Submit.

I would like a more precise explaination om how pirate points works. As I understand it you get points for having the most crew, cannons and harvest?

Based on my experience with the "Skirmish Training"
The Player with the most Crew-Members scores 1 Buccaneers-Point
The Player with the most harvest scores 1 Bounty-Point
Ant the Player with the most Cannons scores 1 Boom-Point