Colossus Test 3

There is also an Alpha version ready to test in the Google Play Store. I think you should be able to find it by searching for “Buccaneers”, but if not, here is the link:

There is also an iOS version ready for testing. If you are interested in testing on iOS, please let me know and I’ll add you to the TestFlight.


Downloading Android version now, thanks.

Should be basically the same game, though the scrolling did feel better.

Hey Guys, I’m about to do something really annoying, I’m going to change the colour and names of some of the resource icons to better match the 3d art in the tiles.

I would be interested in testing iOS version.

Just downloaded the android app. Seems to work fine! I noticede that when you trade with the game you can’t reset the amount to zero. I can’t erase the “1” unit that stands as default in the box. Couldn’t do this in the browser either.

Hehe… Just accidentaly hit the “submit turn” button before I was ready. Maybe a confirmation button will be good. As in turn-based NP.

Added you to TestFlight @MLaZz, you should get an email soon. Thanks.

should be fixed


Scrolling is definitely better on Android version. All the little graphical updates are looking good as well.

I had some problems with iOS version.

  • ship or settlement popup screens are constantly closing on their own
  • whenever text field gets focus screen is zoomed in (you have to pinch/zoom out the whole screen to see the whole UI). This is also happening on NP lately. Was there any change with viewport zooming?

Thanks @MLaZz. Does this happen in the iOS app for BBB and in the Safari browser on iOS for NP?

Zooming? Both, iOS app for BBB and Safari for NP.

Just noticed that it is pretty much impossible to scroll through the events log in Parley as it registers any tough as a selection of one of the events.

Edit: this happens both on Chrome (mobile) and Android app

Thanks for the heads up. There was some code to prevent the click if you scroll, but I must have broken it when I implemented the new window type.

There’s a new release of BBB out with a number of changes and improvements. The victory is now based on the first to X points, rather than the player with the most points at X turns.

There are 3 spots open in this 6-player game if you’d like to join:

Here is a 12-player game to join:

Thanks for helping to test!

I will fix those spelling mistakes now.

3 more spots in this 12-player game: BBB!

I’m having some problems.
When i try to load a game from my desktop mac i just get a black screen.
Working fine on the iPad.

In safari, chrome or something else?