Combat Resolution Is Confusing


Hello, loving the game. In a MP with @SpySat1 and having a lot of fun.

I had a situation where I sent out two human heroes (Mighty General + Dragonhelm Knight stack) up against a group of 11 undead (Human Zombies, in the planes). Either one of these guys should have been enough to take the enemy out (410 vs 165) and they seem to have done so, but they both died as well somehow. What happened? There were no bodies left at the location of combat.

Is the initial combat a pure numbers game then the cost to the winner is random or something?

Any ways, it was super weird to “win” (I think I won any ways…) but lose everyone that was in the skirmish.

Thanks for a great game, having a blast =). (Really missing that General though, poor guy was cut down before his time =P.)

How are casualties calculated?

If you click on the envelope in the upper left of the center bar, then click on the combat tab, then click on the combat line you are referencing, it will give you the details of the battle, including how casualties came about.

The winner of the combat is determined purely by the strongest army, but then casualties are determined based on a strength ratio/percentage roll from there. The percentage size of the losing army to the winning army is calculated. Then every unit that was in the battle has that percentage chance of dieing.

As an aside, I have had a lot of heroes with <10% chance of dieing in a battle die. I am known for having bad luck at things like this in general, but it happens often enough that I want to say the RNG isn’t that random. That’s probably not true, but I feel like it is. :smile:

Edit: This was already answered in another thread, and that thread is more active. Ignore this post/thread.