Community event?


Haven’t had one in a while. Any ideas?

How about something like the homeworld only game we played? But with 100 people!


As the resident Roleplayer, why don’t we come up with a strong narrative background, a set of strong characters that players can assume and roleplay, and perhaps give each player their own unique victory conditions.

One race wins if they are they first to have 100 science, one race wins if they amass 10,000 ships, one race wins if they reach the center star. Once race wins if they can get a formal alliance with all remaining players.


Ooh. The other thought I had was a game where all communication was public. You can only message everyone, not individuals


First communication message reads “My Skype username is annanfay”

This is also the reason why non-instantaneous messages don’t work in games.

(Just to be clear: I love the idea, but don’t think it would work)

Tweaks to create game options

It would have to be an honour system, granted.


Last time that I checked, the email system is limited to only 16 recipients per thread.

I do not know whether there have been any code changes, but today it could be more than 16 recipients.


I just checked. The in-game email system allows a maximum limit of 18 recipients.

So maybe create a forum thread for the game ?