Compatable with ipad2?

I have no problem opening the webpage on PC or Mac laptop but I’m having problems from my ipad2.
when i try to enter a game i get an error message telling me there was a problem loading and then it gets stuck in a reloading loop.

Hey Aran, sorry for taking a while to get back to you.

Blight is a little heavy on the resources and there is a bug in older versions of Safari that prevent it from rendering the map in game.

My wife and I regularly play on our iPads on the couch, but I’m on an iPad 3 I think and she has an iPad Air.

There are still occasional crashes as the map render runs out of memory, but it’s mostly playable.

I’m not sure if you can update, but the latest version of safari is much improved.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

Downloaded Chrome, i can now get to the menus and into games.
Alas not iron throne games as they cause the browser to crash.
As you mentioned probably due to the size

Hey Aran, What iOS version are you on?

8.4 i think the latest version is 9.2 , think that might make a difference?

Yep, unfortunately I only support 9 and above because there are bugs in 8 that I don’t want to work around.

updated to latest op sys, works better but still can’t cope with iron crown, just crashes.

Sorry Aran, Thanks for giving it a try. Now I know what my min-spec is at least. iPad4 or better.

I have been playing Iron Crown on Nightmare without too many problems. Perhaps crash once a week. BlightedPea playes on an iPadAir2 and was having heaps of crashes on iOS 8 but none on iOS9.