Compatibility Problems


I got a new computer for Christmas, and have found that Triton can’t work on it. It may just be the touch-pad’s problem, but I have this sinking feeling that’s not so easy to fix. It’s Windows 10, of course. I’ll have to snoop around a bit for other info, so go ahead and list whatever else I may need to post up on its specs (Is no techie)

Basically, the zoom in or out function doesn’t work. It simply zooms in the browser itself rather than the game’s zoom function, thus making it impossible to actually zoom in within the game and see star infrastructure or carriers, etc. Worse, I have seen it glitch or freeze when attempting to trade tech.

:sweat: Help appreciated in advance…


Is it possible for you to post a screenshot ?
Maybe someone on the forum here can look, and feedback some good ideas ?

I do not yet have a touch pad device, so I am not yet familiar with them.

Whenever I get a new PC, the first things that I do is to turn off excess unwanted background tasks,
and secondly, carefully uninstall unwanted bloat junk programs,
also install updated device drivers.
These takes a chunk of time to diagnose.
When the CPU is less busy with unimportant tasks,
it then is able to run better with the tasks that I want it to focus on
= obliterating villainous scummy backstabber galactic underlords :stuck_out_tongue: !!!
OH and protecting my alliances ! :slight_smile:


Hello Smulm,

I have a windows 10 Surface Pro 3. Last time I checked everything was fine, but I will have another look on Monday and see if they have changed anything.

Can I ask if you have the Chrome browser installed? Or were you using the built in Windows browser.

Also: I am playing Blight on it right now (which uses the same map code) and it works well.


Hmm, it’s an new HP model, not sure about the type of pad it has. I’ll check that out when I can, and remove the bloatware, of which there’s tons.

I was running Firefox, but the Windows Edge did it as well. I think it has more to do with how the computer’s touchpad interfaces with the browsers. It was supposedly a great computer, but the touchpad is trash.


Problem apparently solved on Edge and Internet Explorer 11. firefox doesn’t work, though. Strange.


Thanks for letting me know Smulm.


I think I get the problem now. It just occurred to me that firefox requires internet explorer to work. This means that firefox is outdated and defunct by virtue of microsoft moving away from IE to Edge. Looks like Firefox needs to figure out how to make Firefox’s relationship with Edge the same as whatever it is with IE.

The real problem lies, I think, in how Windows 10, or my version at least, interacts with IE. I’d bet my bottom dollar that Microsoft intentionally discourages users from choosing to use IE11 over Edge while running W10. Perhaps hard hearted and cynical of me, but usually that serves well with regard to them in my experience.


I do not yet have Windows 10, maybe later sometime.

Mozilla recently released Firefox 44.0 , near the end of 2016 JAN.
I do not know whether they have overcome the problems with Windows 10.


You could also try to download browser Google Chrome .


You know, dexter, I think I downloaded it before then. I may want to see about that.


It is problem of window version and update. Window 10 is not compitable for a touchpad because when we update and its driver has issued. Check it hp touchpad not working for more information