Completed Games

Two proposals about them.

  • I’ve noticed that when a match ends, it goes to the “Completed Games” section. Cpt. Obvious? That’s right! But sometimes it’s not so obvious who won, and it’s so hard to find out the specific match in the section, though the match just ended. So, the first proposal is to put the “just finished” matches in the “Active Games” section, in order to check the last turn and discover the winner. Perhaps for 12 hours and no more.

  • I remember that someone proposed that before, and I propose that again: why don’t let all the players know the totality of the map, without the darkness and the fog of war, at the end of the matches?


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I 2nd both these suggestions from my barnacle-covered brother.

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Yes! We should do the reveal at the end of the game. We might be able to do it tomorrow!

I agree we need to make finding out the winner a little more exciting! A recently completed section might be needed!

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