Concede Button Should Be Harder to Confirm

I wanted to suggest that the process to confirm conceding should be a little bit harder. Like, type in “CONFIRM” or your username so that you can’t subconsciously click 2 buttons and lose all your work.

I personally never had a problem with this until I did my third turn-based game in my life. Without thinking, I conceded thinking I was submitting a new move. I didn’t even realize what happened until I went to check my game later that day and found that it was “completed”.

I think there should be some type of “type to confirm concession” feature so that it isn’t so easy to quit. If you add a simple typing feature that pops up to confirm you are quitting, I’m sure the number of accidental concessions would drop to almost 0.


Agreed. I didn’t do this, but it was a near thing a few times…


Would also support this change. Typing something in is a good but easy hurdle if you really want to quit.

I never had any close calls, but there’s a lingering unease whenever I see the button knowing that I’m just two mis-taps away from catastrophe.

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Definitely in favour - because of intermittent problem with my eyes, I’ve actually done this.

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how’s your tooth doing @Chumbles?

I’ve come closes to clicking it a few times in my 1V1 game with @DarkDragonwing. probably because it is so high on the menu.

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Thanks for asking; still not good … :unamused:

Well, I hope you feel better. Doesn’t sound too good.

The concede button should definitely be harder. I also find this true of other buttons in the game.

On mobile, it is far too easy to accidentally make unintended actions. Just now, I managed to buy and destroy a warp gate in the blink of an eye, blowing over $200 on nothing. It’s really frustrating to have things like that happen.

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YES I have done this multiple times all within a few weeks of eachother and I even asked Jay if he could put me back in the matches because I was 1st in two of the three. People dont really believe it happens until it actually does.

I was ploughing through the greatest ounce of weed ever at the time, but still