Confusion between players, also colour-blind issue

I have come across an issue in the game which I think needs to be rectified

When you have a similar shape and the same colour as a neighbour it can be difficult to tell the difference between your stars and their stars. Warp gates make this worse.

I have been in a game where I was cyan circle and my neighbour was cyan hexagon. late in the game we had a large front to each other as well as multiple warp gates. Both of us had trouble trying to figure out which stars belonged to to who. Multiple times we accidentally sent ships to the wrong player, we were in an alliance so the ships got given to the other player and we had to ask for them back… a bit embarrassing but it kept happening

The best solution I’ve found is don’t ally to someone of the same colour… however…

I have also talked to 3 players (I know it’s not the same player 3 times unless they have multiple accounts due to badges, renown etc) they were all colour blind and loved the game but it was an added difficulty to them because all the colours looked the same.

I’m not sure how to fix this, any suggestions?

If you push the B key the map will show a text description of the colour.

I might also be able to add more variety in shapes and rely more on shape and less on colour in future.

Coming up with 64 shapes won’t be fun.

On the same topic, now that I know that this is an issue we’ll not be relying on colour in the new blight and I want to give players their own shield design. These are the ones that Alex has designed so far.


Thank you, I will tell others to use the B key in future!

I like your shield idea!!!

maybe an easy fix for small player games is use different shapes first, so in a 6 player game you could have blue circle, yellow triangle, red square etc. This would at least help out the colour blind. I’m into designing board games, making games colour blind friendly is a challenge, and a lot more people than you realise have at least partial colour blindness.

As far as the large games, The shields will definitely help but other than that I agree, it wouldn’t be fun trying to fix it.

Shape similarity under warp gates would still be an issue. look at any colour with circle and hexagon under a warp gate. It’s hard to tell the difference at a glance, you sometimes have to go into each star and look at who owns it, perhaps stars that are your own could be larger in size, simular to how carriers are larger than looped carriers.

  • 1 to the color blind issue…I am partly red/green color blind and it can be a real pain to distinguish who owns what sometimes.

If you push the B key the map will show a text description of the colour.

Ill give that a go…thanks!

Let me know if you can think of any improvements.

@squishy and @Maxxpowa , another idea is in Options / you could set the zoom levels to show player names at 450 .

Zoom in a bit and it shows the player names. Zoom out a bit and it hides player names.

Each player can adjust for their own preferences.

I personally like to have zoom levels :

Ship Counts = 150
Star Name = 350
Infrastructure = 250

Those are interesting shield designs. :slight_smile: Are there names for them ?

In an email, someone wants to talk about that evil empire with the snake on his shield or the tomahawk.
One blade or two ? one snake or two ?

Something tells me the triforce one is going to be very popular.
Just a hunch though.