Connect multiple social accounts

I think it might be useful to be able to connect multiple types of social accounts (e.g. both Google+ and Facebook) to the same user account. That way I could log in with either of them, and if I’ve been away a while, I don’t have to go and remember which one I used to register.

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yes, this has been causing me some problems. I plan to fix this as a priority while the new account stuff is fresh in my mind.

Cool,thanks! :slight_smile:

It a feature that I request once. I have worked on something like that to improve users forgetting passwords.

Should be useful if I could create a local account connected to a social one or vice-versa.

Is it possible to exclude any type of account?

The unique identifier provided by the social network will still be unique identifier in the account database, but I will disallow 2 accounts with the same email address.

If you login with Facebook and you already have an account with a verified email address in the db, I will log you into the existing account.

Yikes, I had better make 100% sure facebook will only send me an email address that is been verified correctly otherwise you could add somebody elses email address to your facebook and login to their NP account using your FB credentials.

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You could use an Facebook to OpenID proxy like this:

It will give you an unique OpenID string instead.

I have used Janrain Dashboard | Sign In before and it works great, but I do not know for your number of users.