Continue playing after winning


I often come across games where the victory is very close or I just don’t feel like stopping just yet and I thought it might be fun to continue playing even after one player has achieved victory.

I tried to do this in my most recent game (after everyone else had quit) by abandoning stars to stay just below 50% while I wiped out all of the remaining AI but I accidentally took one too many stars which ruined it and that got me thinking that this should be an actual feature.

My idea would be to add a button to the victory screen (maybe in place of concede) that says “Keep playing” and after 24 hours or when everyone has decided to keep going then the game would resume and AI anyone not willing to continue.


Ok, I’ll add this to my list of to-dos.

I think the hardest part will be determining when I can delete the game from the server. Right now I think they are deleted 2 weeks after the game is finished. (or is it a month?)

I would have to look and see if the game hasn’t been logged into for a while instead.