Cool Avatar Image

Feel free to use one of the NP avatars for your avatar here in the forum.

Use the following URL, then swap out the x for a number between 1 and 54.
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Going through them now trying to find the space dwarves, noticed number 53 404’s.

49, too.

I was going to make a post with the numbers and all the images to help people choose, but it says news users can’t add images to posts, can you promote me or something please Jay

I couldn’t work out how to, but I made you a moderator instead.

testing - oh no, 20 characters needed! Okay, I should be good.

Cool, thanks, posted a thread here:

All race images

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How about allowing Premium Players to upload their own Avatars - see mine to the left! :wink:

P.S. As someone else said, we aren’t allowed to post images … but here’s a link to a 320x320 version

Just managed to change mine without any problem.

Thanks for this! Why so many characters.

this is the oldest topic I could find. thought it would be interesting to give it a bump and encourage others to go look for old and interesting topics.