Cool Screen Capture


Just had to share this image from the finished game “Iota Skat”. My ally Brennan Caldwell was able to take the win by taking a large number of my stars simultaneously (leaving our significantly stronger opponents without enough time to react). This is a screenshot at the end of the game, after his ships had captured many of my stars and my ships were jumping en-mass to centralized stars:

Great game all, it was fun!


Hey, hey, hey - I am in this piccy. If you look at the right hand side (East) you will see a semi-circle of incoming ships from Orange Triangle (me) in a last ditch (and failed) attempt to prevent Orange Hex from grabbing the stars needed for the win… Orange was stronk in this game!


That’s Brendan for you. Always hoarding Nobel Prizes and the like…


Cool pic indeed.

Hint: Definitely try zooming out the browser (ctrl+wheel, not the map zoom) and then press u. Save the result as .jpg.


Oooh, pretty.


This is actually not what I thought. You still hit PrintScreen to save the picture… Press u to save the screenshot. It will be in MUCH higher resolution.
Though it is already cool indeed.

Look :stuck_out_tongue:


Event better! Can’t seem to get the whole galaxy on my screen at the same time as having carriers displayed.


Can I use some of these screenshots on the website? These are awesome!




Kexsel, it depends on what browser you are using. Chrome can go into slightly smaller zoom than Firefox.