Cool Screen Shots


Having been all but eliminated in a 64 player super game, I thought "now what?"
Quit while being assimlated? Nah?
Turn on my former allies who were now absorbing me? Ehhh maybe?

Or: Marathon across the galaxy? ooooo!

So I emailed my erstwhile allies and said:
“Okay, you got me. Give me time to fall back, and bug out. I’m gonna hop across the galaxy,
begging each new empire permission to cross. Abandon a system or two to me, I move thru, and then I abandon it back to you.”

But in order to pull every little bit back I ended up creating a few too many carriers. And apparantly I had waaaaay too much time on my hands, so I jumped them once an hour for 27 hours to the first destination on my pilgrimage/marathon, creating this “Wagon Train to The Stars” effect.

Hope you like it.

Oh, and so far, the first empire has granted me passage, but doesn’t trust me with all those carriers. So they’ll make single ship suicide runs against AI worlds, and/or grant target practice to my new host. Want to keep those garrisons on their toes, you know!

Rob the Wanderer in Omega Sadatoni (5087445016117248)


Just thought I’d throw in an over-view:

The Red Arrow points to my Former Home World.
The White Arrow points to my furthest advance in my empire builiding days.
It’s now my retirement villa: “West Coast Cottage”

Rob the Galactic Jay-Walker.


Well, the exodus from the old region of space is complete. Eastward, all courtesy of Pink Hexagon, namely AnnanFay.

Thanks for the right of passage!

Rob the Wanderer.


Another screenshot, from my side of the galaxy:Pink Menace


That’s great :smiley:

I’m in that game - I’m Elspeth (green diamond) had awful location and got completely stuck. I just login at production now and build on my home star. Just waiting for the inevitable attack


My ferry routes :stuck_out_tongue:
(can’t post pictures :/)


And now the hard part, passing thru the lines of two empires:

I’ve come a long way, but there’s a long way still to go:


I’m on that game too (light blue star at North East of the map) occupying more than 80% of the final winning target :slight_smile:


Just thought I’d comment and say Yellow Oblong is for some reason heading to Procyon. He says there’s a party there…

Anyway, I’m going to stall winning the game for a few days in the hopes both of you can get to where you’re going.


Here is a picture of me sending over 2000 ships to green. I am allied with purple and he will be a little scared when he sees all my ships go thru there. On another border I have over 400 ships attacking blue in the small picture. I did not send the carrier with only 1 ship. :smiley:

I am also wiping out the last 2 stars of yellow in the corner, we both allied together to take him out. You can see my network of loops as it makes pictures.


I couldn’t let purple win. On the right purple is attacking with over 700 ships and I am defending with over 1000 ships.

At the bottom I am defending 1 star with 600 ships after I took away his warp gate. He is sending over 800 ships to defend the star.

I am also taking out a few stars towards the top. He is attacking with 400 ships at the very top while I have very little defense. At the left he is attacking with 500 ships while I am defending with 300 ships.He has more ships than me now but I am building ships faster than he is.

This game got interesting when I started an all out attack on purple. He is 16 planets from winning and I can’t let him win. Blue also allied with me so he’s trying to catch up to attack purple and slow him down. It’s down to the last 3. I hope I can change this into a victory. Me attacking his stars with warpgates and destroying the warpgates should slow him down where I can get a little of an advantage. I have destroyed 4 warpgates so far and I’m trying to prevent him from being able to build more. If I keep destroying his warpgates then he will get weaker.


First a screen i had to make, my first serious game and woop

And there my reinforcement lines showed me, that i get help from underground :smiley:

Dont think anything bad… and see THIS, what, the, fuck, lol

Hope those screens are at least a bit enjoyable :slight_smile:


Another screenshot on a battle for an important star. He got a warpgate on the star so I’m trying to take it quickly. I sent a bunch of ships and he sends all his big ships too. Over 5,000 ships heading for the same star from both players.