Could you put the map image somewhere in the game UI?


Since the maps are static in shape at least, I think players should be able to look at them more easily. Currently I have to go start creating a game of the same type to see it, seems like you should be able to sneak a menu option in there to view it somewhere!


Or keep a catalog of all the images in one forum post that we can refer to?


It might make more sense to just tile the unexplored area in grey “water/not water/player” tiles. If there are going to be randomly generated (or randomly selected) maps, then the current “nothing” for unexplored tiles would still work.


water or not water is not crazy. I’ll have a think about what impact it would have. Right now when all you can see is a tiny bit of coast, its almost impossible to tell where you are in relation to the rest of the landmasses.


What else is always the same for every map? I think if some people could know (from creating games or experience with the map) everybody should know.