Crazy game modes

#Team games
##1) Bribe game

  • circular galaxy
  • one AI in the middle (1 star)

Whichever team donates the most cash through the whole game to the AI wins.

##2) Cold war crisis

  • circular galaxy
  • one dummy, admin controlled player in the middle (1 star)
  • cheap science and technology
  • cheap tech transfers ($1 / level)

Whichever team donates the most levels of tech to the dumy player wins.

The game can be adjusted by having two dummy players to send tech to. Each team would be assigned to one at a time and this would cycle each day through the game.

Why dummy, controlled player position instead of AI is simple: the dummy player won’t have any money to send any tech back. :slight_smile:

Possible substitution of dummy player with AI for the random tech rewards!

##3) King of the Hill

  • circular galaxy
  • few selected “hill stars” in the middle

Team which owns a “hill star” gains one point every tick for it. The team with most points by the end of game wins.

One of KotH games is about to finish and we have learned a lot from this. I hope to play once more with new or same people and the rules adjusted by what we learned.


Similar to King of the Hill, except the teams have a point pool at the start, which drains when a team doesn’t own at least one hill star. Once team points gets to zero, team surrenders.

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#Bribe game

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##I would play game mode 1!


#Cold war crisis

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#King of the Hill (reloaded)

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##I would play game mode 3!


All of them seems really funny! I would play all of them, but the order of my preference is 3 - 2 - 1 (greater to lower).

Remembering that the Cold War crisis can be scored by three different ways:

  1. Number of times a tech is donated
  2. Sum of tech’s levels donated
  3. Sum of research points donated (this would be different from 2 if the techs has different costs)

What about a 4th crazy mode?


Same as the other 3, but the score is measured by the total sum of ships LOST to the hill star. And if someone captures it they can’t send any carriers back!

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Love your game mode 4! :smiley:

##I would play game mode 4! :stuck_out_tongue:

a question: Ships lost as attacker or both as attacker and defender? Might introduce some interesting moves, abandonments, and stuff. edit: can’t send any carriers back… kills the “interesting” moves and kind of answers my question :slight_smile:

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I thought about only attacker ships. In this case the problem of abandoning or constantly removing ships from the hill is that the first to give a really big blow on the IA would have major advantage, since later scores would be much smaller if the hill owner is paying attention to the game and removes his ships at the right moment.

Also it would be fun if the scanner is fixed at some level that can’t see the stars on the opposite side of the hill. Only 50% of the distance between the hill and the opposite side, so you have to guess a little what is going on.

So many people complained about the rule to not conquer enemy homeworlds in the King of the Hill match that I thought of another variation:

Crazy Game Mode Number 5 - Capture the Homeworlds!

The setting would be the same of King of The Hill, but you earn a point for every homeworld you own each tick. The two center extra empires would be present to provide additional homeworlds, but they would not attack each other this time, being normal AIs right from the beginning.

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One other thing: besides the Team matches, I would like to see individual matches of these crazy game modes.

How about a ‘damsel in distress’ game mode? It’s a simple game idea where the aim of the game is to let LDG win. :slight_smile:


Wow… this would be really hard!! :wink:

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Lol!!! Arth :smiley: :smiley:
You’ve just committed a crime :smiley:

Oh, you. :slight_smile:

Hey I’m just trying to create discussion and enrich the NP:environment, it’s not all about me you know :slight_smile: