Creating a more-balanced (less AFK/QUIT-prone) many-playered game


So I have the goal of creating a new large 32-player game and minimizing drops, with an ideal start date of about 1-2 months from now.

The biggest change I’d like to affect to the default map, would be to create one similar to a large 64-player game, where the overall map was divided into 9 large ‘voids’-- or semi-circular holes with few stars, divided into a grid, giving nearly all players a chance to have a well defended wall on one-side–this seems to stabilize the start of the game a bit.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a premade map to do this–and how to use one?

Proposed Parameters
Pace: Preferably 1 turn and 1 production per day with 24 ticks.
32-Players (preferably 64)
Distant start
Large HW (20/20 production).
Dark Universe
Trade within range
Formal alliances
Tech: Big scanning boost, roughly 1/4 that amount in a hyperspace boost (probably 12/3).
All other techs at 0, cheap banking and experimentation (I think this makes them more competive/useful techs in larger games)
$1000 start, 10 ships per planet.

Any takers? Any suggested changes to ensure many committed players?


That sounds like a great match. I have no idea how to reduce AFK’s using game settings, other than make it premium. I imagine in 64 player games, people just forget that they’ve joined one. I’d love to see push notifications to email or something similar. Might be possible to make an app that does it.