Curious about Terraforming

I know that every level of terraforming adds 5 times force multiplier to the natural resources (x*5+y), but how much does that help? What does every point of natural resource to the price of technology? For weapons we can graph it efficiency and therefore value, but it’s harder to see the value of terraforming without all the pieces of the puzzle. Thanks for your help!

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The exact formula is: (Base Cost/Natural Resources) * (1 + Current Value)

The base costs are: 4000, 500, 100… it should be obvious which each cost is for.

Infrastructure cost is directly scaled by natural resources. Given 3 stars:

Star A: 10 NR
Star B: 20 NR
Star C: 40 NR

Star C will be 1/4 the cost of star A. Star B will be 1/2 the cost.

If you have level 1 Terra it reduces the costs by 33%, 20% and 11% respectively.

The main effect in the start of the game is being able to develop low value stars. In the end-game it means you save 2-3% of every credit you spend.

(written from memory, may be a mistake in actual values)

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Thank you for your reply!

I have found similar formula. Though to be honest, I am kinda lost in yours :-S
What is Current Value?

The formula I devised is

unit_price = base_price / resources_on_a_star

for example:
fifth economy = 5x economy_unit_price

Base prices for each infrastracture are

Warpgate = 10000 (cheap)
Science  = 4000 (normal) - 2.5x cheaper than Warpgate
Industry = 1000 (normal) - 4x cheaper than Science
Economy  = 500  (normal) - 2x cheaper than Industry

Base price modifiers for E/I/S

x2 for expensive, x1 for normal, x0.5 for cheap

for example:

Cheap Economy     = 500 x 0.5 / R = 250/R
Expensive Economy = 500 x 2   / R = 1000/R

With Terraforming involved

Terraforming level = 6
Terraforming Resources (TR) = 6 x 5 = 30 TR
Star A = 10 Natural Resources (NR)
Star B = 20 NR
Star C = 40 NR

-- Resources (R) = NR + TR  =  NR + (Terraforming * 5)

A = 500/(10+6x5) = 500/40 = $12.5
B = 500/50 = $10
C = 500/70 = $7.1

This clearly says that the Terraforming has diminishing results.
It also says that Terraforming eventually levels all stars to a same quality.

To calculate how much would it cost to upgrade from a certain level to a certain level, you can use this formula.

(target_level + current_level +1) / 2 * (target_level - current_level ) * unit_price
unit_price = base_price / resources -- as shown above

Then for example to upgrade a star to 7 economy, with 15 NR, Terraforming 11 and with 3 Economy built, it would be:

(7+3+1)/2 x (7-3) x (500/(15+11x5))

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