Custom Galaxy Maps Designs Three Neighbors no corners

Yeah :slight_smile: That map 64D does seem to have a shriek factor to it, when Jay scatters stars, colors, and shapes on it. :open_mouth:

EDIT : Art from mathematics.

My intention with these Three Neighbors map concepts, was to try to design maps that are fair and fun for all players, so there are no corner positions.
Some designs are easy and some a little more difficult. There can be decisions and trade-offs. Maybe there is no such thing as a perfect map, except the plain old-fashioned circular.
It could be like searching for a mermaid riding a unicorn.

I am playing a game now, in the map 64D = ‘cgs_starfireld_xjhdexters-quad_flower’ .
I had previously written some EDITs cautioning about the four galactic core stars.
And now I am surprised to discover a situation that I had not previously considered.

If three of the neighbors at the core annihilate that fourth neighbor and absorb those resources, they may realize they have an advantage that no other player in the galaxy has. They ally with each other then proceed to wipe out the galaxy. They have four times the resources for three empires, when any other three empires only have three times the resources. opps ! :open_mouth: Discoveries from playtest !!
Maybe that fourth neighbor at the galactic core is too near ?

I am not completely sure that I am seeing that correctly, but what if . . . .

map 32D has the identical galactic core structure, so probably has the same situation.

IDK. Maybe this is less of a problem for games that have only 1 star per player ?

Yeah, the people in the center are way overpowered. Three of us in the center allied and we’re basically annihilating everyone else. My ally is already really close to winning… This game is going way too fast.

The game in question is Beta Grassias,

We dont have that problem in Tau Zosma, the center players seem to be farly average, the leaders are all out on a petal.

What was the dynamic in the center in Tau Zosma? What we did was basically all decide to ally at the beginning, and it worked amazingly.

I dont know, I wasn’t there. I guess they couldn’t agree.

HEy Folks, now that the 64 player games have slowed down a bit, I think I’d like to replace it with a smaller 32 player game.

I still think 32 players provides a good epic battle, but they will start a little quicker and be less taxing to the server.

@xjhdexter designed all these great maps in 2014! (Wow was it that long ago)

Anybody have any throughs about which map they would like to play on?

I think I like 32 D the best.

What about 64_E pretzel map ? EDIT

Maybe simply changing the map will increase participation ?

or both 64_E & 32_D ?

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I couldn’t remember what the current 64 player games look like, so made my own as a reference for the discussion. (pass=123)

It’s only the bottom half because the 32 player limit.

How long does it take the 64 player games to fill up anyway?

That is cool, but I am looking for a 32 player map because I think the game needs be smaller.

I only looked at a few of them, but I think it would be really great to cycle through a few different maps. Would provide some variety which would be nice.

I don’t think we should do away with the 64 player games entirely. Maybe replace them with 32 player games, but have special events where the 64p comes back? I’d have to think it through more.


@JayKyburz How long does it take the 64 player fill up right now and how many players go AFK within the first few days?

Also, I’m not sure anyone knows, but why do people who play the 64 player game like playing the 64 player game? Will reducing the number mean those players no longer like the game. Or is there something else about 64 player games which can be replicated in 32 player games.

Are there any people who regularly play the game mode on the forum?

I play the 64’s quite often and see a lot of the same faces. I don’t mind the long wait for them to fill up (usually a few weeks at least). I am game to try the 32’s but I think i would be sad and miss the 64, maybe just have them less often?

I think having them every now and this is a good idea.

@DHSupport One of these forum updates must have destroyed a lot of uploaded images, along with all the nice default user avatars that were {first letter of username} & {random color} .

@JayKyburz Quite a lot of the images linked here appear broken. The URLs are giving 404 errors.

Is there a way to recover them?

(also, incidentally - what is the current map rotation for 32 player games?)

It seems that this forum software has changed its code for uploading images, so that has caused many beloved images on this forum to become disconnected. :frowning:

@JayKyburz , it could be plausible that many of the images have been successfully uploaded to the server of this forum software, but the links have become broken & scattered. I do not have access to them on the server.

I had backed up my map designs on my Google Drive, so I was able to recover my images, plus one more replacement from Imgur.

I am not completely sure. I think that Jay has perhaps designed several (maybe 3 or 5 ?) 32 player maps, possibly using the map designer tool developed by @Dysp ?

Additionally, Jay is also using his circular map that has random stars filled in the center of the galaxy & also my Three Neighbors map 32D.