Custom game, 28hr production cycle is default?


I started a custom game for some friends. We’re all newbies so it should be a fun experience, haven’t even gotten past the first turn and there’s already tons of plotting and diplomacy.

Anyways, when I created the game I left most of the settings as default, but now that we’re playing we noticed our production cycle of 28hrs is highlighted in red as though it was custom. I went to the creation menu again and noticed that it is indeed selected by default. Was this intended to be 24hr instead?

I don’t think the extra 8 hours will be annoying to the point of restarting our game, but it probably will be annoying.


This was debated in a previous thread.

Shifting production times rotates the timing advantages and disadvantages around the planet for players in different time zones, for the sake of fairness.


Sorry Jacob, I didn’t mean to make this this default yet at this stage. I will have a look at my code and see what is going on.