Custom Game Sandbox & Library


Can I request a sandbox area into which custom layouts can be loaded and settings applied and tweaked prior to the final game being used.
Some features would include
The ability to change the distances between the home stars (moving all stars closer or further apart).
Apply scatter and stars per player settings, to get an idea what it will look like
Move home star positions (drag and drop)
Blank canvas, build the whole design from scratch
Randomize, being a bit of a fan of randomness, I would like to be able to throw some random stars onto a blank canvas and then tweak the positions to make a playable layout.

Along with this the designs could be saved into a game library, being given a private or public status, with the public designs being available to other players to further customize and use themselves.


Bumping for a great idea!

I like this idea. I’ve been playing around with different map layouts and it is tedious to go back each time to the home screen and start again if you want to change just one star. A sandbox would be fun but even just a back button that takes you to back to the custom map settings.

Say I’m trying to get that perfect pentagon layout but the twin ring formation just won’t line up, it would be nice to go back to the create a game settings you were using to change just one coordinate.


I like this but I’m assuming that the map editor would have an open/save function so we’d only need a place to keep them. We could do that here or with an external website even.