Custom Game Setting and Formal Alliance Carriers


I have 2 main questions today. I played several games with friends a couple of year’s ago and am getting back into it with them again (and may have a game to announce to the community depending on how many join).

  1. How do I gain access to the additional custom game settings? I see some games with options such as 15 minute ticks, different starfield names, different galaxy sizes and more. I’m a lifetime premium player (obviously, if I’m hosting games) and was wondering why I can’t take advantage of some of these settings.

  2. When in a formal alliance, a couple of years ago all you could do with your carriers/fleets was send them to an ally world and they would get transferred to them. Now, you can fly through your ally’s territory, but are completely unable to transfer. Is this truly the case, or is there something I’m missing?


Icon House / Main Menu / Create Game

Read this tip

Jay changed the combat algorithm, so now FA works differently. Read this thread, and also the two linked threads.

There may be a few other threads.

  1. I am already familiar with custom homestar locations, I used them previously and the next game I’m hosting is using [[82.5,16.5],[99,16.5],[115.5,16.5],[66,33],[49.5,49.5],[115.5,49.5],[132,49.5],[49.5,66],[99,66],[148.5,66],[49.5,82.5],[99,82.5],[148.5,82.5],[66,99],[82.5,99],[148.5,99],[132,115.5],[82.5,132],[99,132],[115.5,132]]
    What I’m referring to is extra game settings I see selected in other games. Here’s a comparison image I made of what I have access to vs another game I see with different settings:

    It’s those extra settings on the right, and others like it I’ve seen on previous games, that I would like access too.

I’m not referring to combat. I mean when a carrier/fleet lands on an allied star. A couple years ago when I played, the ONLY option was for allied player A to give all his ships to allied Player B. Now, that’s not even an option, and it seems allied Player A is ONLY allowed to have his ships land/fly through allied player B and not transfer them. I want to see if there IS a way to transfer ships to an allied player.

Hopefully these clarifications help make sense of what I’m looking for :relaxed:

  1. To the best of my knowledge, only Jay can create games with 64 stars/user and Epic home star distance. 99% certain that Hexgrid is the same as Random Hex - Jay should probably make the wording consistent.

  2. As xjhdexter pointed out, the formally aligned algorithm changed and there is no way I know of that you can transfer ships to another player. But if you are aligned, they will fight with them.

Cool 20-user map! :wink:



Create a game and set the Game Speed = Quad Speed

Premium players can rename stars in their empire, and buy badges for themselves and other players in the galaxy.

Home Star Distance = Epic = 24 LY, which is 12 unit distance (1 LY) X2.

Premium players who created the game with a password also have additional Options for Game Administrator controls by hitting the shortcut key “O”.

In the past, FA empires could gift ships to their FA allies, but not after 2015 March, when Jay changed the combat algorithm.


“Hexgrid” refers to home star locations - galaxy layout, essentially. “Random Scatter” is distribution of the rest of the stars. It’s only confusing because “Circular” is an option for both galaxy layout and star distribution. (Though I thought I remembered the latter being called “Twin Ring” or something like that.)


Thanks for the responses everyone, it cleared up some confusion I had!