Custom Games - Disabled Tech'


In games where a tech is disabled I have noticed that the experimentation gain on production can still be in the disabled tech.
Can this be avoided as it is not fair that players can effectively lose out on this at production, falling behind their fellow players (especially in the early stages of games).


It’s been discussed before. Since it is always random, for all players, it balances out. Since it is at production, it is far less random and unbalanced then it once was.


The result of the first experiment has a much bigger effect than any single later experiment.

It ‘balances out’ over multiple games.


[miffed] So I am playing in the game “Game of Thrones” where Scanning is disabled.
Production 1 I got Scanning on my Experimentation gain.
Production 3 I got Scanning again…[\miffed]


Simply bad luck. Still, the game mechanic works okay in general. You are simply suffering from choices made by the person that set up that particular match.


Its not a bug. Its a feature!