Custom map loading? - Proteus?


Hey, after a long pause I’m back. Now I am wondering, often I see designs for custom maps here at the forums. I wonder how one could load such maps in custom games? As far as I can see you can only customly set the starting positions, and choose if the map is either random or regularly placed.

The JSON method is only for “proteus” mode apparently - something that is not there yet?


Proteus is still under development and not yet available.

In NP2, you can design custom galactic maps by loading HW locations as you described.

You can do a search either “map” in the NP2 category
or “map” in uncategorized category .

and be sure to read this tip on designing Custom Galaxy maps.


Hey @pulli23

I had to take a little break from Protus to try and get BBB out the door. But I will get back and finish it off in the very near future!


Is the map loading method so unique to Proteus though? - Seems (as bystander) a feature that would fit with both “game modes”. (Unless of course the goal is that Proteus starts replacing the current mode in the long run?

I guess “custom loading scripts” won’t be possible though? (I’ve been writing some algorithms in python to create semi-random distributed stars).


yep, it won’t be too hard for me to back port it over.

I wanted a clear separation of Triton and Proteus code so I could more easily hack and slash and make big changes in Proteus without putting everybody’s Triton games at risk. The triton code is big and fairly complicated now with all the various modes and interactions.