Custom Maps - Blank Player Positions


Sometimes when creating custom maps it would be useful to be able to place extra unclaimed stars on the map.

A way to do this would be to pass extra sets of coordinates which are populated in the normal way as the player positions, but are left unoccupied, i.e. in an 4 player game you might pass a 5th set of coordinates to create this


The first 4 positions make up the 4 player positions and the 5th position is used to fill the middle with stars to act as a central battlefield.

At present the number of coordinates used is dictated by the number of players selected, to implement this the all coordinates in the custom string would be used, with the players setting determining how many are occupied.


A workaround I thought of was a Passive AI option. Shouldn’t be hard to code an AI that does nothing. :smile:


Already suggested and Jay thought it should be workable. His response is immediately after my post in that thread.