Custom player numbers

Is there any way to create a game of NP with 20 players (or any other number)? I’ve just organised an office game and have 20 interested - but forgot you can only create it with 16 or 24.

(We’re going to try this game against the clock, for two-and-a-half weeks. So I’m keen to avoid increasing it to 24 players, kicking people out to get down to 16, or using AIs, if at all possible!)

You could have 20 players with 4 AI I suppose?

can i suggest you use the extra spots as AI to create a bit of chaos, if you make a custom map sitck them in the middle of groups players causing them to collide while eating them up and causing a bit of tension :smiling_imp:

Ha, it’s tempting, but I think it’s safer to stick with all-human players this time. Helps keep the office interested (which is also why we’re trying the time limit). :slight_smile:

Jay, is there any way around the 16/24/32-player requirement for the time being?

You’re just going to have to get 4 people fired, it’s the easiest way. :wink:

(You know which ones…)

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I will submit a change to the create game page with some more options in the next half and hour or so.


Ah, that’s great, thanks!

I just made one for 20 player. Should be good to go now I think,

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