Dark galaxy: can you warp out of scan range

Just started a dark galaxy game and am wondering, if I have warp tech 2, and scan range 2, will I be able to see if stars exist in the warp range, even though no info will be available due to lack of scan?
We started with scan range 2 as part of the custom rules, so I wasn’t able to check this, and was curious before I commit to one strategy or another

In a dark galaxy, carriers may only select visible stars as destinations.
HR2 limits carrier flight range to 5 LY. Scan 2 will make stars visible within 4 LY.

It can be possible that either when you have multiple stars or have a FA (Formal Alliance), that a destination star may be out of scan range from departure star of the carrier but is visible within scan range from another friendly star.

After a carrier departs from a star towards destination star, it can be possible to lose scan range towards the destination star by loss of scanning star via either battle or abandonment. This carrier will continue in the dark and arrive at the destination star.

Okay makes sense- thanks for clarifying. It may still be worth it as I can move more efficiently in my own star systems, but definitely good to know