Dark galaxy, weapons locked at 3, real-time (game full)


Fairly standard dark galaxy game with weapons locked at 3.

It’s called “The Great Space Ship War”.

Is it visible in the games list? I haven’t joined it yet because I’m hoping I can join last for a good production time (around 1:00 pm CTS). Is this how it works or am I confused? Maybe I have to join it before it shows up in the list.

Anyway, here’s the link:

Let me know if you’d prefer a different production time. As long as it’s during the day for me I don’t really care when it is.


I’m not seeing it in the list.
But your link, above, is working.


I joined the game and now it’s in the games list. I guess there’s no way for the admin to have control over the start time unless they were to invite each player or provide a link on a forum like this. Maybe that’s something to make a suggestion thread about. Anyway, come one, come all to The Great Space Ship War!