Dark World Suggestions


Ok, I’m a little new to this, but I think it would be cool to have an option with dark world where you can see all the stars. BUT, you cannot see who controlls them untill you can scan them. This would allow you to see were you fit into the game, but not were everyone else fits into it.


until players send screenshots URLs to each other. . . which is what happens in dark games now.


For me, part of the fun of dark games are the not knowing of the star field layout. It makes the exploration side more challenging. Since you don’t know where you are in relation to the rest so you have to cover all bases defensively, and you have to decide how to expand your empire on the fly as you work out where the best cluster of stars are.

In a normal game you can plan a lot of this stuff out at the beginning, which is fun in its own right, but to know the layout of the stars in a dark game would take away what makes them different (and interesting) imo.


That does sound pretty fun, i’m just thinking it would be nice to have the option


@xjhdexter That is such bad form. Someone did that in a game I was in. I was a recipient, and so were several others. We all read him the riot act. The game has built-in limitations. That’s how it should stay.


How would you enforce “good” form then ?
Players must not know each other in RL when joining a game ? to prevent communicating from outside the game.
The in-game email system should be disabled to prevent sharing screenshot URLs ?
Is this realistic ?

As it is now, players sometimes share screenshot URLs in non-dark games too.
This is sharing tactical and strategic information between allies, and is helpful to build trust and coordinate attacks against common enemies.

This happens in real life wars too. Some of it is good. Some of it is bad.
If you are strong enough player, you handle it and could just be cool about it.

Chess is a little more strict about what is good form.
Real wars are rather more broad about what is good form.


@StabbyMcStabberoo 's suggestion brings a new dynamic that delays alliances until players become aware of each other, even if beyond scan range. It would rely on the sandwiched player to share scan information from across the other side of his own empire.

Some players could just make individual cold call emails to each player, and gain information that way.

You can also analyze the Intel charts to figure out who is neighbors with whom.


Interesting debate, and whilst I can appreciate your arguments for initiative xjhdexter, I would still say that it’s a competitive game and the rules (and the others players) should be treated with the same respect for which you acknowledge towards Chess.

The fact that there’s no functionality to attach images in the NP message window is in my mind enough to say that it’s not within the rules.

What I normally do in dark games is just ask people where their neighbours are in relation to them… this helps you build up a map (with the added layer of suspicion as to whether they’re telling the truth or not :wink: )


@Myk, this was the main argument put forth and mostly agreed to in that game I was in. I play with several IRL friends and not once have we used means other than the in-game to communicate about the game. Other than talking about it generally not a specific tactical situation in a specific game.