Daylight Game Option

What about a “Daylight Game” option - it runs at twice normal speed, but only for 12 hours a day. Even if the players are in multiple time zones, it should be easy enough to negotiate a 12 hour window where everyone will be awake.

You can already do this in password-protected games; the creator has admin privileges and can pause/unpause the game at will.

There’s no automatic function for it, and I don’t know that such a thing would be worth the development effort (what if I want a 13-hour game? What if I only play at work, so I can only check in for nine hours a day? What about the many games I’ve been in with people in time zones that differ by ten or more hours, so they only overlap for about an hour or two in the mornings and evenings?).

To add more information: I’m in a game now where we pause it every night and unpause it every morning. Because, you know, our significant others got upset that we kept waking up at 4am to “check on the orcs.”

But it takes a long time to finish a game this way. Blight IS supposed to take a while to play, but not twice as long as normal, which is what is happening.

Ahhhh, I missed the “twice normal speed” part of your original post. Now I understand the goal.

I made the same suggestion myself weeks ago. While the admin can pause/unpause whenever they want, they currently have no control over how fast the game goes (aside from 6 Hour Jumps). Also, manually pausing & unpausing it each day is more of a hassle than you expect, especially if you’re busy, sick, or sleeping in.

Agreed, manually pausing and unpausing is more of hassle than you would expect.

It’s especially bad when you have players in different time zones - the choice must be made to shorten the time window even further (elongating the game even more,) or to have some of the players miss out on portions of morning or evening game time.

That was the impetus for the 12-hour suggestion - people within a few time zones of each other should have a 12 hour window that works for everyone. And if you’re not in nearby time zones, there’s really no avoiding a “wake up at 4am to check on the orcs” game anyways. :slight_smile:

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