Dead birdies don't sing


I’ve looked around but I can’t find out why the dead bird ‘badge of honour’ can no longer be given and has disappeared from the list… Or should I say purchased… If this is deliberate, Jay, there are three points that follow on from the removal:

  1. New players will see the badge and have no idea what it means.
  2. The cost of these was $10 each; I’ve given out 5 of these over the years… contractually I’ve bought these from you and their removal of the explanation represents a breach of contract. I’m a pensioner with v limited income, so I would appreciate restitution :rofl:
  3. Why remove a potential source of funds?

But if you do want to remove them then remove them fromm players’ displays - they’re both confusing and meaningless.


Good questions for Jay. Jay explained his reasons in 2018 FEB. Jay wants to encourage more positivity in games.


I can’t find anything from Jay about why it was removed (EDIT: Ah, @xjhdexter to the rescue).

Anyhow, this is the original text about the badge:


Some players just make your blood boil. Vent your spleen and label them toxic.


And if you are angry at Jay, he already has a Toxic badge. LOL


I suspect that since the badges have already been paid for, Jay would not remove them from players’ profiles.