Dealing with Jester at start of game


Hey guys,

Just started a 4-man with some friends at work, on Jester’s Ball.

How do you guys strategize against the Jester?

Jesters gain 100 permanent health on spawn of any of your heroes.

My instinct is to just train heroes as needed at the beginning (and with all the crystal miners + gold miners, it’s a great idea) and then deal with him later - since anyways, there’s a chance you’ll get another Jester if it reaches the pond, and you’d BETTER not summon any heroes then!

Curious how everyone else dealt with it though, and if I’m marching towards certain death. :smile:

I was hoping I’d be able to group up two artillery units on random card draw to take him out, but no such luck of the draw so far…


I tried to get the other players not to summon anything for about 6-12 hours (at which point I would be able to hit it with artillery shot with 100% chance), the others didn’t read the messages, they summoned anyway and then said opps, so i fell back on the hold down with 2 tree wisperers then whacked with a hydra asap

unsure what if anything you want to make of that, but thats how my game played out anyway


Thanks, that’s the plan. Fan out, get production going ASAP, and build heroes, Jester be damned. Going straight for the hydra and hoping I can KO him before he gets to the other pond.


let us know how it works out.


Haha that sounds so ominous. Here we go.


Have control of any of those middle-part Troll settlements? If so, and you are willing to spend some hero coins – draw until you get a Crone.

Crone is the anti-Jester.


Just checking in - one of our guys at the office dropped out of the Jester’s Ball game, and 3 of us managed to turn around a fairly dismal ongoing game of Iron Crown after “playing for the hell of it” after the game looked totally lost.

We’ve managed to kill 1 necromancer, 3 purgatory lords (who were whittled from 8k down to 3k worth of dead body buffs in their marching time), 2 liches and one queen of lies! Our 3rd guy got overrun down south (and the rest semi-afk, real life and all that on the weekend) but the other is holding out pretty well with orcs & goblin burn-and-runs in the bottom-left, and I managed to take and hold center with an excellent dwarven economy chugging out endless supplies of orcs and humans to throw into the meatgrinder.

Then I spent a Hero Coin and drew a Blind Justice. =0

We’ve been shuffling valor back and forth to fund mapwide valor nukes to take out the worst of our problems; necros, liches, 10k stacks of orcs, exploding dragons, etc.

Sort of off topic I know, but I promised some kind of report, so there’s my Iron Crown game! =P

We also realized after 70% of the map was dead that zombies should be avoided on their own territory.


We sort of just totally avoid zombies unless tanking a train at a town somewhere now anyways. Otherwise we just open and close the app as often as possible to see when a graveyard-sitting zombie has shuffled off. Then some goblin or Elf nips in and out and burns everything.


edit: Haven’t played too much, but am a big fan of The Iron Crown. We were searching hard for another fun & diverse map at 4 players, but they all seemed specific & challenge-esque. I’ve personally had a ton of fun with all the different things & race combos that can happen on Iron Crown, and teammates being really different.


Isn’t the Jester a Goblin, and can be eaten by Trogs? That’s usually how I dispatch the Jester without casualties.


The troggs need a nerf of some kind :slight_smile: