December/2020 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

@DarkDragonwing and I don’t want to wait so long in case we fall behind the other leg of the tourney, so we’ll hopefully be getting our match started in the next couple days. We’re currently battling it out in a LLL match right now but are far enough along it feels like a well established game. Hopefully we won’t get any wires crossed.

Thanks for the update everyone … and keeping things moving at a reasonable rate balancing RL.

@Dysp & @Trucriot - looking at the Intel Charts, I don’t see any BIG dips in ship count that is indicative of major battles - bring on the carnage! :wink:

The battle is underway for the right to play in the championship! @DarkDragonwing and I have got our first couple turns in and we’ll see how it goes. Looks to be a slow expander with range 2+ dark spaces both due east and west of the homestar. Long exploration routes needed to hit a lot of the far flung galaxies. I think this will make for a battle front that is very long with lots of space in between. Also, might turn into a diagonal with seemingly more stars on one side.

Glad to hear the semi-final game between @DarkDragonwing and @Solfyre has started.

@panblanco is in the other semi-final game playing the winner of @Dysp and @Trucriot

P.S. @Dysp : can you please add this game link to NP2STATS.

@HULK sorry to get back to you so late, but the links have been added.

April/2021 1v1 Tournament firing up - sign up there!

FYI @Trucriot - @TheLastHero - @Karmadrome @kinghuang - @Zatoc - @panblanco - @SimonMiaou - @Keeves - @DarkDragonwing - @Roedhip - @BelSon - @Cryptious - @Birel - @exOrbitant - @Kaine - @Solfyre @GluteusMaximusII - @Macomber - @DarkLord123 - @Dysp - @Dr_Gaming - @rubensan - @plug - @Feca - @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS - @Tristanvds - @gaz123 - @Birel

Sign me up. Keep tagging me when you are starting

Please chime in on the April/2021 1v1 thread @Zatoc (as others have done) so we see order of sign-up.

Yo @HULK… somebody named gaz1234 joined the 1v1 semifinal game. It’s supposed to be the winner of @Trucriot and @Dysp. I guess we need a new map?

Ooops … my boo-boo … I posted that as a “leftover” game in the 1v1 friendlies thread. Per your post over there, go ahead and play against Gaz1234 for fun.

When (or IF!) @Dysp and @Trucriot finish their quarter-final game, I’ll generate a new one for your semi-final match.

No worries. Should workout fine.

Sadly I’m doing all I can that it will not work out fine. :wink: Not ready to quit just yet, but the pressure is building fast and steady.

Edit: Nevermind, I read quick and confused u to Trucriot. :smiley:

Edit2: @HULK @panblanco Sorry for the wait. At start I was playing 3 1vs1’s for a long time and then Trucriot hit some heavy work loads, then we were supposed to fastplay during last weekend, but I got sick etc etc. :frowning: But we are moving along.

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It’s finally over. Good job @Trucriot! Was fun and great battling with you, but time to admit the facts. You broke my defences and it’s over. Well played and let the Semi’s begin. Good luck to all still in tournament!

@HULK to update the thread.

The LONGEST game finally ends! :wink:

I have updated the first post and so @panblanco (who has been patiently waiting) can finally start his semi-final game against @Trucriot - please join this game and start the carnage.

Great play by @Dysp, was really lucky to finally break through his defenses as he was beginning to catch up on me in infrastructure while the map circumstances made it difficult to put my ship surplus to good use.

@panblanco - I’ll join our game on Sunday so we can get in a decent pace right from the start.

Just pinging this thread to “encourage” our semi-final’ists to keep submitting:
@panblanco vs @Trucriot - game link
@Solfyre vs @DarkDragonwing - game link

I just conceded against @Solfyre at tick 342. It was a tough game with ups and downs on my side, but in the end I was not able to beat him, argh…

Congratulations and good luck in the final game, @Solfyre! :smiley:

We had some good back and forth, for sure. You made some good moves and played tough defense, but that early lead I managed to grab via warp gates gave me the edge that turned the tide. See you next time @DarkDragonwing!

Valiant effort @DarkDragonwing as @Solfyre retains his perfect record.

He’ll play the winner of @Trucriot and @panblanco … where it looks like @Trucriot has a slight lead. I don’t want to pre-judge the results, but if he emerges victorious, I would suggest that he create the Championship map since the last time he and @Solfyre faced off, it ended up in a stalemate … so I want to try to ensure the layout is such to minimize that possibility.

It is a slight lead, but let’s only talk logistics once it’s decided :wink: As of now, @panblanco is still giving me new riddles to solve at every turn.