December/2020 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

A valiant effort @plug - I don’t know if anyone has ever come back after getting their HomeStar knocked out - congrats @DarkDragonwing for advancing to the semi-finals against @Solfyre.

I have updated the first post and note the game link for you guys - does that map look mutually acceptable?

@plug, as I already mentioned, I really enjoyed our game! :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks and see you around!

The map seems tough. I think there could easily be a mexican standoff as there is pretty much space in between the two sides of the map.
But if @Solfyre agrees, I would give it a try. I am always up to a new challenge and I will try to HULK SMASH him :grin:

I copied the wrong URL for your game - how does this one look?

And yea, kick @Solfyre’s a** since my green butt is still sore from the (double) whipping he did to me! :wink:

Looks fine to me! Will join if @Solfyre agrees.

But probably it will take a couple of days to start the game, since our LLL game has just begun and I don‘t want to get things mixed up by mistake :sweat_smile:

And I will do my best, @HULK :wink:

@Trucriot appears to have a slight lead over @Dysp in their game … but I’m hoping the setup isn’t such that you guys might have a stalemated game (?)

If @DarkDragonwing and @Solfyre are ready to go, feel free to join your game … or maybe at least check it out to confirm that map looks good to 'ya.

@panblanco - ditto for your game.

@HULK, I think our map looks just fine. @DarkDragonwing and I had just started a LLL match when our tournament game became available and ready to play. We’re 72 ticks in and were hoping to get a solid start in this one before tackling a second so we don’t confuse ourselves. :stuck_out_tongue: Currently, I’ve got a sizeable star lead and a promising attack going, but at the cost of an infrastructure and tech lead for him.

Thanks for confirming @Solfyre that maps looks good to you also - I see @DarkDragonwing gave it a thumbs up earlier. And yea, I can understand how it’s confusing to switch between games, especially when they are both in the early stages.

@HULK Trucriot really has the lead. I’m getting spanked for every mistake and even when there are no obvious mistakes. :wink: It’s too early to call just yet, but there is no chance of stalemated game. One of us will beat the %¤#" out of the other one so bad that we won’t know what planet we’re on IRL. We have just been both pretty busy, so the pace is slow(ish).

Ha, that’s a slight exaggeration - gave me a good chuckle :stuck_out_tongue: Truth is, if it weren’t for Dysp’s crystal ball level of premonition, this game would long be over. The way it is now I still gotta stay focused. As Dysp said, our pace isn’t super fast - that’s mostly me this March, didn’t really expect to (still) be as neck-deep in work as I am at this point in time.

@DarkDragonwing and I don’t want to wait so long in case we fall behind the other leg of the tourney, so we’ll hopefully be getting our match started in the next couple days. We’re currently battling it out in a LLL match right now but are far enough along it feels like a well established game. Hopefully we won’t get any wires crossed.

Thanks for the update everyone … and keeping things moving at a reasonable rate balancing RL.

@Dysp & @Trucriot - looking at the Intel Charts, I don’t see any BIG dips in ship count that is indicative of major battles - bring on the carnage! :wink:

The battle is underway for the right to play in the championship! @DarkDragonwing and I have got our first couple turns in and we’ll see how it goes. Looks to be a slow expander with range 2+ dark spaces both due east and west of the homestar. Long exploration routes needed to hit a lot of the far flung galaxies. I think this will make for a battle front that is very long with lots of space in between. Also, might turn into a diagonal with seemingly more stars on one side.

Glad to hear the semi-final game between @DarkDragonwing and @Solfyre has started.

@panblanco is in the other semi-final game playing the winner of @Dysp and @Trucriot

P.S. @Dysp : can you please add this game link to NP2STATS.

@HULK sorry to get back to you so late, but the links have been added.

April/2021 1v1 Tournament firing up - sign up there!

FYI @Trucriot - @TheLastHero - @Karmadrome @kinghuang - @Zatoc - @panblanco - @SimonMiaou - @Keeves - @DarkDragonwing - @Roedhip - @BelSon - @Cryptious - @Birel - @exOrbitant - @Kaine - @Solfyre @GluteusMaximusII - @Macomber - @DarkLord123 - @Dysp - @Dr_Gaming - @rubensan - @plug - @Feca - @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS - @Tristanvds - @gaz123 - @Birel

Sign me up. Keep tagging me when you are starting

Please chime in on the April/2021 1v1 thread @Zatoc (as others have done) so we see order of sign-up.

Yo @HULK… somebody named gaz1234 joined the 1v1 semifinal game. It’s supposed to be the winner of @Trucriot and @Dysp. I guess we need a new map?

Ooops … my boo-boo … I posted that as a “leftover” game in the 1v1 friendlies thread. Per your post over there, go ahead and play against Gaz1234 for fun.

When (or IF!) @Dysp and @Trucriot finish their quarter-final game, I’ll generate a new one for your semi-final match.

No worries. Should workout fine.