December/2020 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

Just to highlight - we’re not capping participants at 16 this time. So new players and veterans alike can still sign up for the biggest 1v1 tournament in NP2 history :wink:

Sign me up! I shall play as the mighty Potato Boat.

Sounds epic! Yeah I’m well up for this!

Sure, I’m in!

Sign me up as well

Hi, I’m interested

Never tried these 1v1 games before, but I’m up for it and can commit for the long-run, no problem.

I think we are about ready to start the tournament … and if we get a few more players, I’ll try to slot them in and/or use them to replace anyone that drops.

Below is the proposed tournament draw. Note I put the top-8 seeds in their “own” 2nd bracket using standard seeing of 1-8-5-4-3-6-7-2 from top to bottom. I then put the rest of the players in the 1st bracket in the order they signed up.There’s no “perfect” way to do this … but the idea here was not to make a new player go mano-mano in the first round against a veteran who ranks high.

OK - round #1 game links are up. I’ll post them here … but always refer to the FIRST POST that I’ll update as the tournament progresses. Please be SURE to join YOUR game - the password is “1v1”

Please double-check the game params to make sure I set it up right … and creating “good” maps is a bit of a PIA … so if you feel yours is not conducive to 1v1, let me know and I’ll consider remaking one for 'ya. Report results and any problems here.

Have fun and good luck …except when you are playing against the Jolly Green Giant! :wink:

Round 1:
2. @TheLastHero vs @kinghuang - game link
3. @Zatoc vs @panblanco - game link
6. @SimonMiaou vs @Keeves - game link
7. @Roedhip vs @Cryptious - game link
10. @Birel vs @exOrbitant - game link
11. @GluteusMaximusII vs @Macomber - game link
14. @DarkLord123 vs @Dr_Gaming - game link
15. @rubensan vs @plug - game link


I am excite.

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I’m in!

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@BelSon - @Dysp - @Trucriot - @Solfyre - @Kaine - @DarkDragonwing - @Karmadrome
All of you got “byes” in the first round due to your ranking - wanted to give the new players at least one game before they come up against a battled scarred veteran.

Having said that, if someone else wants to play, then I’m going to pair them up against you as discussed.

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We have started the tournament @Feca … but you are IN … and if anyone else want to play post here.

I’m going to wait a couple of days to see if we have any early dropouts in which case I’ll “sub” you into their position. If not, I’ll pair you up against @Belson.

Done and ready! BRING IT ON!

Joined, and first turn submitted…thank you for organizing this! pulls on battle armour


Not too late :wink: Cool to see one of the early 1v1 players come back again!

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@Macomber: I like that attitude - “pulls on the battle armor!”
It’s “easier” for me - the HULK just get ANGRY!!! :wink:

@HOUSEBOAT_THANGS - we’ll get you in the game - if nobody drops, we’ll pair you up against the #7 seed @DarkDragonwing … but if either you or @Feca would prefer to go against the Jolly Green Giant, we can arrange that …

Thanks JGG! I’m happy for the former lol - mama needs to get back into the groove before I land in your crosshairs :wink:

@Trucriot Glad I still get the montly forum notifications else I wouldn’t have known about this tourney =]

First, nice work everyone joining their games. Again, spend some time thinking about that first move … but then rock-n-roll from there. Four more players need to join … but we only went live 6 hours ago … so I’ll check back tomorrow to confirm they have signed up.

FYI that @Feca and @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS (and anyone else who wants to join in the next couple of days) that you WILL be in the tournament - just give me a bit for things to settle to see where to slot you in.

BIG BONUS thanks to @Dysp: LIVE Tournament Tracker
Reminder: Please join the game with the SAME name as your Forum name.