Deck Building

I’ve just been updating the deck building screen. I’ve made it so that it will support any number of kinds of card, and limit the quantity of each card. Sometime later I will add some options for you to choose a maximum for each of these them when creating games.

I think the default will be 12 kinds of card in addition to the essentials, and any amount.

Will go live in about an hour unless I find bugs.

This is an example showing 24 kinds but a max of 2.


I have to say this is um not at all what I was expecting, completely unsure if it will be a good or bad thing

Sounds very interesting to me

I received a fair amount of feedback, and I agree, that 6 kinds of card was not enough to bring. I was to limiting and meant you were less likely to bring some of the special case cards you may or may not need.

I think with 12 kinds you will still need to think a little but it’s not as constrained.

ohhh I’ve just realized I misread it - I thought you were saying a max of 2 of any type of card and was that what was unexpected, should wake up more before posting.

This makes far more sense than what I thought I read

Sorry what I mean to say was, in future you will be able to set a limit of 2. The interface supports it. 2 or any amount.

And you did say that properly, unfortunately lack of morning caffeine was my downfall.

Have you considered other ways of getting cards from your library or deck to your hand during the game? I’m thinking of deckbuilder games more than ccg games here.

I have to say I did get used to the 6 card limit and only really built decks around certain purposes. But more deck space is a good thing I think, there are many times when there’s some great cards I want to take but they aren’t good enough to beat some essentials.

That being said, I think when a host makes a unique deck restriction like the example 24 different cards with limit of 2, there should be a message saying something like “Hosts Custom Deck Settings:” or something or people might get confused and think it’s the default settings for that map.

This is great… I’ve been waiting for this since it was first talked about…

I’d hate to add another wrinkle to the work you’ve done so far, but is there any chance you might consider extending the ability to limit the number of each card you can bring to differentiate heroes from units.

I.E. Allow someone to set a rule that you can only bring 2 of each hero, but say 6 of each unit. I say this because the idea is that heroes are somewhat unique. I’ve been in games where I drop 3 Mountain Kings and been like “Gees, how many Kings does this town need?”

I don’t know, maybe something like this would be good for the base game, although I would expect heroes to cost a bit more gold and have a pretty strong boost to their existing powers based on the fact they would be limited.

I fear that may not work well due to heros being decided more via how their abilities stack than if they are heros - really there are only 2 dark witches in the forest

Yeah, as I said, I think the Hero cards would need to have their powers tweaked again to make them a little more powerful accounting for their relative rarity.

I kind of wonder if allowing a player to
a) take as many they like of say 3 types of cards and
b) as many cards as they like so long as there aren’t more than say 2 each
would be interesting (I mean so you can have a variety of specialist cards, but few core cards).

Or something along those lines anyway.

It sounds like this is the sort of thing Jay’s planning to add later for custom games. That way players can experiment with different “challenge modes” for the same map; e.g. only Essentials decks, or unlimited cards but only one of each; that sort of thing. Sounds fun!

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Yeah there seems to be some confusion going on. I might have some details a bit wrong and Iron Helmet will need to clarify but here is how it works I believe.

Default Card Order: 12 different cards, unlimited amount of these 12.

Apart from this, When you host a game, you can make custom deck settings to make use of the new system. You can set any limit on the cards. Jay posted an example of a custom setting of 24 different cards but max 2 of each.

Yep. this is exactly right.

Interesting. I have been vocal about my dislike of the card type limit. I like having more slots now. I still have the “essential” card fluff to burn through, but I support more options. I’m interested in trying this out. Thanks.

Perhaps cards would have their own limits on how many could be included in a deck, with the baseline being 2?

A cheap underpowered card might allow for 4 copies, a badass hero with a fantastic ability might only allow you one copy.

This is an interesting change but all of the cards will have to be rebalanced based on the change. Elder mages, high elf mages, goblin dealers, and a bunch of other cards have a huge power cut. It also lessens the economy of the game - there’s no reason to have more then 2 of each card. I’d suggest the entire economy should change based on this - coins should be harder to get.

For what it’s worth this will most likely break the game for me and I’ll stop playing. That’s not me threatening or trying to be a jerk - I’ve just grinded in single player a lot to build up a lot of cards. Limiting to two makes all of that useless and all those cards/time a waste which makes me sad. I’ll just stop playing really. Again not saying anyone’s a jerk I just don’t like that all those cards and all that time is completely wasted/useless now.

Sorry, rereading this I didn’t quite understand at first that this was an option and not required… it seemed like this was the new standard. As long as this isn’t the default playing in “challenge mode” or whatever this is fine.

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