Deck Tips for Beginners

I started playing this fun game on kongregate some 4/5 days ago!

I grinded the tutorials lvs quite a bit, and this has made me achieve player lv6 and a full human deck. (thanks dev for the free coins!)

I was wondering, how many copies of a specific card should a deck have? i am currently aiming at 5 copies for each, but i honestly have little clue to how many are actually used in a multiplayer game. (btw i would be interested in joining games with some experts, so that i could learn from them)

Gameplay wise, is it just me or the rare tier units of each faction are worthless to keep in a playing deck due to the spawn location restriction? and same could be said to the basic unit that each faction can spawn in the cities.

To conclude, do the devs have any interesting updates coming up?

thanks for your help,

ps. i really enjoyed the “secret” depth of the first tutorial mission! made it quite a challenge to get that top-score!

If you’re not sure how many of any card you need, you should probably keep buying it whenever you encounter it until personal experience deems it to be sufficient or overstacked. I’m currently building up something respectable myself, still trying to get my hands on my first copy of some good cards like the cahuna.

I personally think that you should focus on making the amount balanced, make sure you never find your hand with four copies of one hero you don’t need right now while desperately hoping for that one card you need to be drawn. Try to get the cards you’ll really need for a balanced game, then try to complete this for each race (My goblin collection is nigh non-existent) and then start building up your collection to contain more than 2-3 of each

With the current rules version having banners and lurkers in high numbers is very useful.
You want to have at least 1 in your starting hand for a quick expansion.
So for that reason put as many banners of your starting race in as you can.
The monster rares rarely yet used unless i think i can play them.
Remember the unit merge trick, use powers then merge and you get the power back
I will give a race by race rundown of my thoughts (C/U/R showing rarity)

Cyclops Standard © Banner
Dragon helm/Knights © if speed is vital but DK also has crowd control (lure)
Gnostic © used in combo with other powers (crystal miners for example)
Mighty General © if your using human armies
Wizard (U) Crowd control (lock down)
Hound master ® Crowd control (flee)

Beacon © Banner
Dark Witch © Good against large armies, gains mana
Tree Whisperer © Crowd control (lock down)
Forest Dryad (U) Crowd control (flee) but only if you have the woods to use them
Eldermage ® gains mana (if you have lots of mages)
High Elf ® Nuke the site from orbit… (once you have mana to use it)

Gryphon Standard © Banner
Artillery © Ranged
Stout General © if using dwarf armies
Horn (U) speeds up dwarves
Urchin ® Lurker, fast (for a dwarf) and make good zombie speed bumps when you need to delay them for an hour
Crystal Miners ® gain mana

Dragon Banner © Banner
Dessert Maiden © ORCS WANT CAKE!!! umm for orc armies
Shaman Priestess © Burn those graves
Wolf Chariot (U) fast and first strike
Wolfpup Handler ® Lurker, fast
Lots of other army boost heroes but you only need a couple of each

Spider Pennon © Banner
Little Wizard (U) ranged but you want lots of heroes
Pirate Captain (U) summon goblin
Dealer ® gold, the more players the more you get, get a few out and you will be funding everyone

Hydra Gonfalon © Banner
Tangle Mage © Teleport (you want one in your starting hand)
Bridge Troll © Crowd Control (lure)
Rune Dancer © good against large armies
Marsh Prince (U) Lurker
Kahuna ® Free monster units

There you go, hope it helps


I think we’ve locked in the first Righteous upgrade.

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thanks for the replies!

this is my current human collection:

Currently i got what i need the most at 5: banner, “mc hammer” trio and general.
but the question remains, is 5 enough? or should i aim at collecting more? :slight_smile:

@Aran thanks for the list! good to know what i should focus on collecting for the other races!

You’ll want more eventually, but five is a good starting point. Once you start playing mostly Nightmare games, you’ll find that they last much longer, and you’ll need correspondingly more total cards in your deck so you don’t run out of firepower halfway through the game.